Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lot's o' stuff

So I started looking around at my growing stash, projects both finished and "un", and all my other what-nots and thought I'd get some pics up here so you could all share in my madness.

First let's start with the stuff I recently purchased for no particular reason.

(This one shows the color a little better)
I wish you could really get a taste of all of the colors. The greens, purples and blues are just not coming through, but all of the yarns are gorgeous.
The big green and pink ball of Katia Nepal is to replace the Katia Lana scarf I had to go with my green coat. Sadly, it was yet another wonderful, soft yarn that made me itchy.
The Debbie Bliss Cathay is for who-knows-what. I had some gift certificates and coupons to my LYS and I grabbed two of these thinking I may make socks, then (not at my minimum purchase needed to use the coupon) I grabbed two more. Now what can I make?
Lastly, is the Noro silk garden. Here's where I steal the idea from one of my knitting group gals (thanks Jana!). We've been watching the progression of her Clapotis and I was inspired by her and my coupons, to give it a shot. Since I couldn't find the yarn that the pattern calls for locally, I thought I would use what Jana was using since (although she said it sticks when dropping the stitches), I at least knew what effect it would give me. So I groped through the stores top shelf for about 20 minutes and finally found just the right blend but no mates for it. Another 20 minutes later the owner of the store pulls down the only match. Alas, it was not meant to be for me! But part with the yarn? Couldn't. I took it home with me and will hopefully find something clever to do with it. I would love to figure out how to shrink the Clapotis into a scarf just to get the drop-stitch look but we'll see about that. Did I mention that the second ball had a little red hidden in the middle?!? I love surprises like that!
As for stuff that's been hanging around for awhile, I bought this great multi-colored Gedifra yarn over the summer at a sale hoping to maybe make a sweater that will actually fit. It may become Clapotis instead, what do you think?

Here is my first sweater ever made. I enjoyed the Mission Falls yarn very much but something went crazy-wrong with me and/or the pattern and the front of the sweater doesn't fit right at all! The V-neck is way too open and no tank top or t-shirt underneath can help. I want to play with it and maybe sew it along the neckline but not now. I figured I should only work on it when I won't quickly become enraged and throw it at the wall. Eventually I'll post a picture of me in it so you can get a few cheap laughs.

(once again the colors are lost but it's olive green and coral)


At 1/16/2006 8:12 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Your sweater looks so good! I had never seen it! I know you say it doesn't look good on you, but at least it looks like a sweater that would fit someone I guess. You could totally make a scarf-sized clapotis. She has notes about that at the end of the pattern. I bet that gedifra would be nice like that, those colors are awesome!


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