Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Long time, no blog! (updated)

Wow did I lapse on my updating or what? Ok, catch up time. I made my red scarf for the Valentine gift bags for the Orphan Foundation of America and sent it out with another scarf from one of my knitting partners in crime. I failed however to get a picture of them :-(

I can't figure out what project to do next so the ADD has taken over my body and only allows me to a few rows on this item and a few on that. I did however finish my first hat for myself - -two others became gifts. Also, got a baby hat done for the woman in my writing group who is due in a few weeks; working on my first pair of baby booties to go with it(pictures to follow).

This weekend I was up at JJ's lake house again for a girls only spa night. They have a local coffee house that hosts "spa nights" about once a month where other local small business owners come in and give manicures, massages, facials etc. Plus it's BYOB, so you know we BOOB -brought our own booze.

They also had jewelry for sale and I immediately spotted a beautiful dragonfly necklace but I figured I shouldn't spend the money on it. Later in the evening I found it lovingly stashed in my purse by my friend Nikki! Gotta love that girl! Apparently our group, having been there a few times now, is known for doing this for each other. How cute is that?(I'll have to get a picture of the necklace as well.)

OK, so I guess that catches me up for now. I vow to get more pictures up here and post more often. Hey, it's still technically January, I can still pretend to hang on to the new years resolution thang.

Post spa night, back at the fort....

Here's Nikki learning how to knit from one of the girls who lives on JJ's street. (See, knitters are everywhere, you just have to know the secret code word to get them to come out of hiding)

This is the necklace she hid in my purse. This is the best shot I could get and it does not do it justice at all!


At 2/02/2006 11:13 AM, Blogger Chris said...

I MEANT to comment on that necklace you were wearing the other night at knitting!!!! I LOVED it. I couldn't keep my eyes off that beautiful piece. Stunning!


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