Monday, January 29, 2007

Quit Monkeying Around

So it's kinda done. But a wee bit sad I am.

Disregard the messed up toe for a moment. I was watching 24 with Pops and so not paying attention to the Kitchener stitch. Instead of knit, knit, purl, purl, I may have knit, knit, knit, purl, knit, purl, purl... But that is easily correct and not my issue tonight. My real problem, and the reason I finished the sock in such a sloppy way, is because as I drew towards the end, I realized it was looking a bit small. I knew all along that the sock was a bit tighter than I would normally have liked but it had been working up to normal shape and size for the most part and since I prefer my socks snug over loose, I wasn't too concerned. But then I tried it on for the last time.

ICK! The heal is not in the right spot at all! It's kind of hard to see but the bottom doesn't line up and slips down on the heel.

This is so discouraging because I was sock (I'm leaving that typo, because I was "sock" excited!) excited to actually start my second sock and not suffer from second sock syndrome for a change. So now I suppose I have a few choices, I can try blocking it and hope a good stretching will do the trick, I can un-do the whole foot and knit it on the next size up or frog the whole thing and start over. Or I suppose I can just suck it up and wear lumpy socks.

I have knitting group tomorrow so I'll ask the ladies their thoughts on the matter while either starting whole new basic sock and leaving the Monkey alone for a moment. Or I may work on the illusion scarf I started before Christmas and left in the bottom of my knitting bag to collect dust.

Still in all though, I do like the pattern, I just need to figure out what size foot it was intended for because it's surely not a 7 1/2- 8!


At 1/30/2007 6:39 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Oh no! Bring it tonight and we'll look it over, we have to get that monkey off your back!


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