Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiny Clothes and Giant Food

Ta Da! Dagoba's (that's the nick-name of my friends baby) sweater is done and gifted. It still looks weird to me that one shoulder is wider than the other but I stuck to the pattern so whatever, hopefully it'll look better on him.
Here's the mom-to-be getting a hand knit blanket (1 of 2!) from Gran plus booty's... homemade pillows with an under-the-sea theme from another crafty friend!

I finished another pair of socks because I've been dying to cast-on some more Fixation that's been calling my name from the knitting basket for far too long.
(my feet look like they're melting in these socks - or like I have bunions which I don't. Anyway, they look silly but feel great!)

There's not much to them yet but note that there's two! 2! Yuppers, I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon and getting two socks done at once. I briefly attempted the two circular needle knitting thing but after getting everything all tangled upped was forced to ask why am I torturing myself when I could just use a little Magic?

I'm still working on the blue monster sweater which I do really like even if I call it the monster. I'm just so over re-knitting sleeves at this point that I'm not getting it done as fast as I could and yearn to drop it for my smaller project above.

Oh yes, and a friend of mine sent me the link to a funny site which I periodically check just to make sure I'm staying up to date on all the white folks news and got excited when I saw this today which ties in both my whiteness and my love of knitting.

Lastly, I got up this morning to find these big beautiful strawberries on the counter. At first I just thought they were unusually large, but upon a second glance I realized they were beyond HUGE.

Is that not simply redonkulous!?!?

Yes, I too am afraid of the tomato sized strawberries, grapefruit sized oranges and uber plump banana's that are taking over the kitchen. Science is scary, scary stuff. Why can't they just leave well enough alone?


At 5/02/2008 8:54 AM, Blogger Jana said...

I love the baby sweater photo with the dandelions, it's so cute! The socks look great too! I don't mind giant food. Giant bugs yes, giant food, nope that's ok!

At 5/14/2008 6:17 AM, Blogger Kate said...

God, I'm so flat out, I don't hardly get any time to read blogs or email or comment or... wait. drawing breath. calming down. phew.

Yeah - 14 of the next generation; I couldn't leave it at an unlucky 13, could I? There's 2 step-grandkids in there but we tend to just lump all of my brother's extensive family together - all 6 of 'em.

To your post - love that jumper; beautiful colourwork. Is it the child's nickname anything to do with the Dagoba System in the Empire Strikes Back? And socks! Both of them!! As you know, I'm always impressed by folks who can be bothered doing socks : )

Either your tomatoes are shrinking or those are seriously warped tomatoes.

Has spring sprung in Jersey yet?

At 5/23/2008 10:09 AM, Blogger J.J. said...

Ooo ooo I want to put in a guess too!
Is Dagoba after the delicious chocolate?


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