Sunday, February 10, 2008

Done, Done and Started

I finished my Wine & Roses fingerless gloves which I'm thrilled with! I have so much of the yarn left-over though. I can't believe it, but I think I could get a second pair out of what’s left. I guess I'll be making a light scarf or headband so I'll have a matching set - which is of course, OK by me :-)

I also finally finished off the last little bit of the Quant - not that I need it, they promised snow for this weekend but all I see are sunny blue skies!

I also got one of the basic socks done but haven't bothered to cast on for the second yet because there's a new project on my plate....

What is that blue blob you might ask?
It's the beginning of my Tree Jacket sweater! Yes, after a long hiatus from attempting sweaters (the first and only try being such a disappointment) I'm ready to give it another go.

I have no idea why they call it a "Tree Jacket" because it's not a jacket or even a cardigan and there's nothing "tree-like" about it, but I love it anyway and I think the yarn will work well for it. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.
Oh, and I caved and bought a couple things from Knit-Picks...
I wanted to try a shorter cable for magic-looping and I've found that the Knit-Picks cables are the best for me since the regular and the lace Addi cables kink terribly. I'm so disappointed they cost so much and are by far the WORST compared to Knit-Picks or Susan Bates! Anyway, I also got the magnetic pattern holder which has already come in very handy for keeping track of what row I'm on for my lace patterns. Lastly, are the pretty colored wood cable needles. I wanted to see that rainbow wood in person and I wanted to try that style of cable needle anyway (the metal slip so easily) so when I saw I could get both things in one product for less than 5 bucks I had to jump on it!


At 2/11/2008 6:32 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Yay for sweaters! You go girl! Those wine and roses mitts are gorgeous!!! I like the idea of a matching headband, that would be really cool, I'm thinking maybe if you knit it like a tube in the round it would be sturdy and wouldn't roll at the edges, as opposed to knitting one flat piece.


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