Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Done, da, da, dooonnneee!

The blue sweater is finally done! Actually I finished it a couple weeks ago but once again haven't been blogging like a good little blogger should. It's still a bit big in the pit region but I love it just the same. The color is great and it's nice and cozy. I even had a chance to wear it once before putting it away for the summer thanks to this crazy weather we've had lately.

Here's some pictures of the giant sleeve versus the regular sized before I frogged it for the last time. I wanted to get a pic of it on, but got over-zealous with the ripping and had to settle for a picture of it laying on the bed instead.

I also finished another pair of Cascade Fixation socks (by chance they match the sweater). I was hoping the yarn would strip like the last pair but no luck. Of course I still love them, but have set them aside to maybe become a gift.

I have to say, two at once is a big fat YES! I was a little annoyed at first knowing that I would be half finished with a sock when was only a quarter of the way through two, but eventually I got into the grove and loved finishing both at once. I think I even got them done faster than doing each alone. Maybe that's just mind over matter but hey, whatever works.

Oh, and I went to my Godson's 8th birthday party and saw this in the bathroom. Yes, I totally took pictures in their bathroom like it was no big deal. I just got excited to see that something I made was still being used. I've always been into arts and crafts so as each new little cousin came along I always made something for them (pre-knitting days). I love that they use it and it's not as bad as I thought it was - plus, they're trying to adopt again which means I may just get to knit something for another cousin soon!


At 5/28/2008 8:32 AM, Blogger Jana said...

I love Shayne's little stepstool, it's so cute! And I can't believe you made it, it totally looks like something you'd have to buy in one of those cute baby boutiques. You know I love the sweater too, it came out awesome, it was worth the frogging!

At 5/30/2008 11:34 AM, Blogger Hurricane said...

That is a great stepstool! I didn't know you did that. How cute.

Sweater is gorgeous. You're so talented!


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