Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Stuff!

One of the ladies in my writing group is having her second daughter this week. One of her close friends in the group also knits and is making her a blanket. Not wanting to step on any toes, I opted to go for the hat and bootie combo. Originally I was making the green & pink hat with the pink booties but I didn't like the way they looked together so I went with the more traditional pink theme. Next girl baby will get the green & pink hat with matching booties, but to save time, I figured it'd be quicker to make a new hat than new socks. (yes, the hats are from two different patterns if you notice that one is a little pointier than the other.)


At 2/13/2006 3:47 PM, Blogger Chris said...


My appreciation for handmade baby items has grown an exorbitant amount. I can't decide which I like more...very cute.


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