Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Change of Venue

Tonight some of my knitting group went to a local retirement home (where my mom works) and had a knit and crochet evening. Although there was some confusion from some of the ladies as to why we were there, who was teaching who what to do, "I have a project started but I left it in my room" and other such minor glitches, over-all I think it went exceptionally well. We all had a great time laughing and sharing yarn related tips. They also really seemed to enjoy perusing the Stitch and Bitch books (the title is what won them over!).
By the end of the evening they were asking when we were coming back, which is always a good sign of time well spent. I'm so glad I knit and crochet with such a great group who not only would willingly give up time to work on their own projects to come out for an experiment in knitting, but fully throw themselves into helping others. They are all so pateient and kind and really made a great impression on everyone tonight. (Thank you if you're reading this right now.)
Ok, enoguh mush, now on to pictures! I'm not in any of them because I was behind the camera "just like your mother" as one of the ladies gruffly pointed out, but here we are just the same...


At 2/10/2006 3:19 PM, Blogger Chris said...

You should cut me out of that picture too! I look like I'm terribly frustrated at Mille! (I wasn't I swear!!) I just have a mean face!


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