Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been a while

Finally found a use for the Noro Aurora I bought at Stitches a couple of years ago. I loved that it had the little bit of teal glitter in it but wasn't sure what to make. And then it hit me, a Clapotis scarf! I love the way it came out and remembered how much I love the pattern. I'll definitely be making this scarf again, maybe with some more Noro in the stash.

Got another dishcloth done. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make the purple the main color or the multi-color the main so I decided to switch it up half way through. Next time I'll make an opposite version with the left-over yarn.

Last but not least, I decided to finally get started on the Artful Afghan I fell in love with years ago. I've been meaning to make this blanket for so long and had even started collecting random skeins to get it going but finally caved and went on Lion Brands site and bought the rest of the colors since it seems AC Moore and Jo-Ann Fabrics is pulling it off their shelves. Of course most of the colors originally called for are discontinued now so I had to wing it, which is hard when you can't see the colors in person, but so far I'm happy with my choices. I can't wait to get this bad-boy off the needles and see it in all it's colorful glory. Pray it's big enough because I'm not buying anymore yarn to add to it!


At 7/29/2008 8:37 AM, Blogger Jana said...

I can't believe how big the afghan is already! It's going fast! I love that Noro scarf too, clapotis is such a fun pattern.

At 7/30/2008 10:06 PM, Anonymous JJ Carolan said...

I'm sorry your scarf has Clapotis and I hope it feels better soon.

I like the blanket a lot.

At 10/17/2009 12:15 PM, Anonymous mama said...


I am french and i like your blog.

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I hope you will be with us!
Have a nice day
Mama from France


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