Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New stuff's a brewin'

After finishing the blanket I decided I wanted to do another large project so I finally cast on for the Cardigan for Arwen in luscious Noro Cash Iroha. I had to frog about 6 inches because the gauge was off, but now I'm on a slow but steady roll. It's actually a pretty rust color but it looks a little washed out in this photo.

More excitingly though, this time last week I was surprised with a new baby bird! Basically after carefully candling the eggs of three female birds for over five years one slipped passed me. I realized last Tuesday night that one looked awfully dark which either meant it had gone bad or something was growing inside. By the next night I had my answer. So now I have SIX cockatiels. SIX! But you know what, I don't care, s/he's so ugo that s/he's cute and really, what's one more bird?

Just born!

Feeding at less than two days old

And here's tonight at one week - look at how quickly it grew! It looks like some weird little fluffy dinosaur or something doesn't it? Yes, you will be seeing a lot more bird pictures, I just can't help myself!


At 8/28/2008 9:03 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Oh my gosh, yes the bird baby is soo cute!!! And I like the feeding picture too, what a good mom.

And boy that sweater is going fast so far! I bet you have it done in time for chilly weather!

At 9/07/2008 7:35 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Cool! Err, forgive the clueless one here, but candling the eggs???? What's that do?


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