Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why can't every day be Saturday?

OK so let the whining commence! I don't want to be at work! I want to go home and knit. I want to stay up late knitting and then sleep in and not worry about going to work in the morning. Errrrrr, ok 10.5 more hours of the work week, I can do it!

Why, might you ask, have I taken to whining today? Because I'm, done. I'm cooked. I'm in desperate need of a vacation... like yesterday! I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday and I was over-joyed for about 30 seconds until I realized it's only Thursday. Dang that Thursday. I know, I know, "but it's a 3 day weekend Tracy." Yes true, but not soon enough.

My mom always said that my biggest pet peeve was injustice. Isn't that funny? Not that injustice is funny but that it's a pet peeve of mine and that it's noticeable. I'm just tired of babysitting these grown men who are so financially and emotionally spoiled that they forget that the rules and the laws apply to them as well. It really eats me up! I try to tell myself, it's not my problem, I'm just an assistant, it's my boss and his wacky group of merry men that have their careers on the line when they don't follow the directions, but logic fails me sometimes. I do everything I can to keep things in order and go out of my way to make the least amount of work for everyone around me ("just sign this, that's all, just sign the damn form I created for you!") and the response is "I don't know if I feel like participating." This is not a game of dodge ball, no one is asking if you want to participate, the NASD requires that you do these little things so as not to lose your license... your license, not mine!(Yes, I know, none of this is technically "injustice" but it's not fair, and that's like a first cousin to injustice.)

Oh boy, I'm sorry for that everyone. It had to come out though. I think I may have been left alone to man the fort for a little too long and I'm tired of being the bad guy and getting a lot of lip for doing my job well. It's time for a new job is what it is (and maybe a beer).

On a lighter note though, I am planning my first out of the country excursion with my friend Nikki to Ireland!!! Oh yay, oh yippy skippy! Will I return... we'll see ;-)

Back to knitting for a moment. Tuesday is when we all get together for our stitch and bitch group and as I was talking to the ladies I realized that I may have a bit of an addiction. I have been spending a little too much time with my yarn.
This is how my thoughts about knitting sound in my head:
"ok, I'll do a few rows and then make dinner."
"ok I'll just knit until the 'drop stitch' part, then I'll look for a job online."
"ok, I'll research the prices of tours of Ireland, after I look online for local yarn shops to visit when I'm there."
Do you see how I'm getting too involved? The funniest thing is I have at least half a dozen unfinished projects floating around the house. You would think I'd get more accomplished but I often waste time looking at yarn and knitterly things online than actually knitting. Then I get frustrated that I wasted knitting time in cyber-space when I could have been knitting. Such a catch 22 it all is!

Are you done hearing me rant and rave?

Thought so.

Here's some pictures to take your mind off of my babbling....

Nikki's hat that started out as mine and also started out waaay too small - the little one is now in the give away pile

The finished set that I couldn't post a picture of the other day

One of 4(?) homespun blankets I made. (Why am I showing you this? Because I randomly came across the picture today that's why!)

My Star Lily's from last summer - - they make me smile :-)

Oh, and I almost forgot, big thanks to Jana for telling me about bloglines, it really does help condense my blog habit and has turned me on to a few new blogs to peruse already! Thanks blogger babe, you rock!


At 2/17/2006 1:51 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I wish everyday was saturday too, and if you want to complain some more about "injustice" just let me know...I've got plenty to say.

Do you think I'll fit in your suitcase when you go to Ireland?

At 2/19/2006 1:06 AM, Blogger EK said...

Three suggestions: AP Press, Sunday Star Ledger, NY Times.

Ireland should be great, prices are still reasonable compared to the rest of Europe.

BTW the dishcloth I made was rated easy, so it's not so bad. I used size six needles instead of seven. The pattern comes from the one listed on my site and Jana's, not the one that's free on some Sugar 'n Cream labels. Go for it!


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