Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's just like stepping back in time

This weekend I went to the local Renaissance Faire with two fair maidens, Jana & Natalie. I won't bore you with how we ended up going to this mini-ren faire, but let me just say, the Lion's Club really knows how to throw an alcohol free bash!

From the first moment of entering the faire you know you are some place truly special. As we crossed the grounds we were instantly greeted by an authentic angel-man who graciously presented my bosom to all who passed by. When the website said "come leer at the buxom maidens" I hadn't realized it was an audience participation event.

Then as we toured the grounds we came upon this knight who took time from rescuing fair princesses from deadly dragons to snap a few photo's with us...

My apologies to Jana for making her pose with the knight, I didn't realized how terrifying the experience would be (seriously, it was creepy)...

We also managed to make time for Ye Olde fried mac & cheese, Ye Olde funnel cake, Ye Olde butterfly fries, and Ye Olde quesadella. See the pattern? If you just preface it with "Ye Olde" it really helps you feel like you've traveled through a portal in time doesn't it?

Next we took in a show. And what a show it was! I present to you Ye Olde Belly Dancers...

While they may not be in the best shape ever, they did give a good show and much fodder for laughter. The one with the sword on her head was really quite good, but I do wish we had asked her if she was really balancing the sword on her head or if she had a magnet system going on in her headband. I like to think that at least that was real at this faire.

Then we watched a few minutes of Daniel Greendragon (Was that his name?) do a magic show (pictures aren't uploading, I'll have to come back to that)
Later we saw this woman spinning and I got a bit over-excited and like a child said to Jana "Oh, I want to do that, I always wanted to learn how to do that!" I all but jumped up and down while tugging at her sleeve.

Then, just as we were leaving, my heart skipped a beat as I spotted out of the corner of my eye a knitting tent! And look, they had make your own drop spindle supplies! While I could easily find all the supplies needed to make one of these at Home Depot, let's be real, I'd never actually get around to doing it. Was it worth the dollar for the spindle and a dollar for the roving, hell yeah it was!

I am sorry to say that somehow Natalie managed to dodge my camera all day, even when I asked her to be in the picture with me and the knight-- which if memory serves she did agree to do at first. But, as we all recapped the days events on the ride home she did mention wanting to go to the real Ren Faire (my original destination) in full costume! Trust me, when that day comes there will be nowhere for her to hide.
Aside from the faire being totally lame for it's lack of authenticity, it was a blast. Next time though, I say we pre-game with a flask of mead in the parking lot!

(Please also visit Jana's blog for more details and pics on all the days happenings.)


At 9/20/2006 7:12 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Daniel Greenwolf! Remember his name! He's like the next David Blaine I swear!!!


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