Sunday, November 19, 2006

My what a lovely bag you have

Why thank you I made it myself!

That's right, this Sunday was "make your own handbag day". Amy, one of the regular knitting chicks, found out about this great place where you can get together with your friends and pick your own fabric to sew your own bag - kinda like "Build A Bear" for grown-ups.

Although the selection wasn't all that large, it was still enough to make it really difficult to settle on just one thing. So I didn't, instead I made mine reversible! My only problem was that at the end they added a ribbon around one side (ok, they helped a little) but when it was sewed on it was stitched through the purse so the black thread shows on the other side. I was not so thrilled because it was such a pretty purse and now it had a blemish, but then I remembered the ultimate miracle cure...
Stitch Witchery
If you're not familiar with it it's only the best invention ever for all your sewing needs (mishaps)! Basically it's this fusible iron-on webbing that glues your material together. Usually I use it for hems that have fallen and I'm too lazy or uncoordinated to fix, but it's also great for attaching things like this. You just rip off a strip, put it between the fabric, cover with a towel, spritz with water, iron and voila, all better for under 2 bucks!

Enough about that, on to the pictures....

purse in progress

now with the lining (finished photos to be added later - Blogger, you know the drill)

All done!

Thanks again to Amy for the fantastic idea! I can't wait to do it again!!!


At 12/06/2006 9:40 PM, Blogger jjinqueens said...

Was this the place in the 'boken? I think I wanted to do this waaaay before I got married when TDog lived in Hoboken - it looked like a real trip! Invite me next time!


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