Friday, August 04, 2006

I Knit What?!?

Some sad news on the knitting front, no more You Knit What?, or at least not as we know it today. Knitty Kitty and & Punk Rock Knitter are throwing in the towel. They have opened the floor up to anyone who wants to take the reins but it's a gamble on how well that goes. I imagine it is a very time consuming project that few have the energy for. (It's the reason the ladies are giving up the page in the first place.)

So in keeping with the theme of bad knitting (I was actually already going to blog about it but what a great set-up) I present to you my own personal yarn travesty, AKA my first and only sweater. You may remember from the begining of the year that I had completed the sweater only to find out something went terribly wrong in the V-neck area of the pattern. For some reason the neck opening is WAY too wide, and while I could kinda fudge it I hesitated because well, because the yarn wasn't cheap! So it's now been sitting all neatly folded up at the bottom of my UFO bag just waiting for a master plan to take shape. Now, over the anger, frustration and hesitation I think I may have a plan.

At first I thought I would just take the front panel apart and re-do it but now, here's where the crazy comes in, I'm thinking of frogging the entire thing! Is this the worst or best plan ever? As long as the yarn can handle the abuse I really do think it's a good plan for a couple of reasons
  1. I am now a better, more confident knitter
  2. I really do think the pattern is partly to blame since the mistake is mirrored on both sides, and if that's the case, re-using the same pattern is only going to lead to the same results
  3. There are a couple of minor things I would change about it anyway so since I have 4 balls left over I can play around

So basically knitting world I ask you, can Mission Falls 1824 cotton take the beating?

Finally, just in case you don't believe me on how badly this turned out, here's a picture of my very brave mother who allowed me to use her as a model...

Mom agreed that my sweater is a bit too revealing. Although (to cheer me up I suppose) she informed me that it would have been quite stylish in the 60's with a turtleneck under it.
(There's another shot of her but since the sweater has a habbit of falling off the shoulders I thought I would not share that one since it really is a bit too much.)

This is me in it, unaware that I left the camera set to "macro" from photographing the dishcloth last night. We don't ever need to see a macro version of me especailly at 8:30 in the morning.


At 8/04/2006 9:43 PM, Blogger EK said...

For some reason I think it might be better to go with a basic sweater pattern, like from the Ann Budd book where I got my sock pattern.

At 8/05/2006 9:42 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

thanks for stopping by anyway!

Happy Knitting!


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