Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crapola, I left it in draft once again!

I'm a dope. I uploaded these pictures meaning to blog later and totally forgot I had them in here until about 3 seconds before I was about to upload the same pictures again. Aduh.
Well anyway, here is my green kitty that I made for the first half of this months dishcloth KAL. Green was not the suggested color but I like to live on the edge. Not really, the reason I made her in green is because with this KAL they give you a few rows of directions each day for about a week so that you don't know what you're knitting. I love the mystery of it. They do two a month and the first is always a picture which is my favorite. I did pick up some other yarn this weekend so maybe they'll be a black and/or orange kitty coming real soon.

Oh and this bad-boy is my second attempt at a pair of socks. I started it a few months ago but as the heat rose, my desire to knit wool socks fell. Now it's time again, plus, I'm using it as my something gray for the Grey's KAL. So many KAL's so little time. Next KAL to plan for is the Sci-Fi one which I'm pretty darn psyched about because I can't wait to start brainstorming on what to make. Oh, and there's also the Fiberflix KAL (Geez how many did I join?!?) for which I think I will attempt some lace. Thank goodness Stitches is right around the corner so I can stock up. Next thing I'll have to join is stashbuster I think ;-)


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