Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doing nothing is something for me

So once again I find myself a bit behind. I get the pictures up lickity split but the writing part, not so much. Tonight I will be very brief. Last weekend I went to visit my favorite couple in their at their new pad and also got to hang with Nikki and Irene - Nikki one of my bff's and Irene one of Terry's who we got to know and love through JJ & Terry's wedding happenings. We got our drink on early in the day which included a cheese spread, wine and champange! Then we went out where we managed to repeatedly publicly humiliate ourselves by allowing perfect strangers to over hear unlady-like talk at top volume. I love those kind of nights!
(me and JJ on her new front stoop. It was a little chilly so I was able to test run my new scarf. YAY!)
(The food barely hit the table when I pulled out the camera, yet you can already see where everyone started digging in--- a sure sign of good eats!)

(On the way to the bar, believe it or not, this is just how silly we be!)

(The whole gang - Terry, JJ, Irene, Nikki and me)

Oh, and I started my second MDS on the train ride up there but I don't have a picture yet. But, as we were all relaxing about the house, I was working on it and Terry pointed out that my knitting gets very intense and fast the more we talk about politics. I thought that was quite a funny (and accurate) observation.

{Stinky, stinky blogger won't let me finish uploading my pics. Now I remember why I never finished this post! I had a couple of knitting related things to also mention but I guess they'll just have to wait}


At 11/17/2006 1:15 PM, Blogger jjinqueens said...

YOu forgot to say how you won the lottery and we were going to get our nails done but apparently everyone in Rutherford goes to church on Sunday except our drunken butts! Even the psychic didn't know we were coming - how good can she be?


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