Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look Erin I told you so!!!

I did start blogging about the fabulous care package from Spain, I knew I did! Shoot now, how do I change the post date so you can see this?

Look what we got from our 4th partner in crime Erin, who's off in Spain right now on a teaching adventure.....

mmmm, all sorts of fun things were tucked away for us including scented tissues, candies, teas and even aloe flavored chocolate! Why they would want to do such a terrible thing to perfectly good chocolate I'll never understand but it was something interesting to try.

I also tried to wind my Boulce that we got on our NYC knitting adventure and it wound up so tight I couldn't get it off of the ball winder. It was a friggin pain to unwind the whole thing and then re-wind it especially considering how little the ball turned out to be. boy I hope it knits up easier than it winds!


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