Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MS Walk on a most perfect Earth Day!

Sunday was the MS walk at Sandy Hook - a favorite beach of mine. I'm fortunate enough to have a gaggle of great people around me (see 30th b-day party for examples), many of which were willing to give up their Sunday to come out for the walk.
Those of us lucky enough to wear those pretty orange t-shirts (I felt like Lynette on Desperate Housewives having to wear her husbands orange pizza place shirt) were there at 7am. 7:00 AM!!! (up at 5:30?!?) We were finally given the job of selling pom-poms around 8:45 - - time better spent sleeping no?
Me, JJ & Jennifer smiling even at the butt-crack of dawn (can you tell I'm not a morning person?)
Some walkers arrive - Vinny, Adam and that most famous of knitters, Jana!

Of course this group made the most of pom-pom gig, even if it was just busy work for the loud group in the back.
Terry takes his job seriously

By 10am the walkers were on their way!

"Ummm, now what do we do?"
There were so many volunteers that we were once again left standing around with nothing to do but wait for our walking friends to come back to us.
Beer run of course!
And like any good 80's movie the dudes took off for beer while the chicks laid out the blankets on the beach.
It was a beautiful thing.

Ahhh look at that view! The water is so beautiful and refreshing...

...oh, what there's an old dude fishing in nothing but a Speedo? I hadn't noticed.

OK, so not everyone was concerned that it was Earth Day - - look at that nasty black smoke!

Horseshoe crab laying eggs in the sand, they were all over the place! Yeah, summer is coming!

These people rock! Thanks again everyone, what should we walk for next?


At 4/27/2007 3:06 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hi! What a nice day it sounds like you had. I'd love to walk on the beach again. I was born in Hawaii, but I haven't been able to go back for several years and I'm terribly homesick for water.

Oh, about the column of leaves scarf; have you ever knit lace before? The first time I did, I couldn't understand why I had more stitches on some rows than others. That's normal. Some lace patterns will have a row that increases a lot, and then slowly decreases. Column of Leaves is one of those. You must knit the entire sequence of rows to see the result. If, however, you knit the entire sequence and aren't back to the original number of stitches, then you have done something wrong - sorry!

Did you see the chart I put on my blog? If you notice, the chart has a few extra rows than is called for on the cast on row. That's because the very first (or second, can't remember right now) row increases several stitches. Further up the chart are grey boxes, which indicate where a decrease is being made in the pattern. That's why I think it's easier to knit lace in charts, and cables with patterns.

Sorry for the long, drawn out comment, but I hope this helps. If you're still having problems, just drop me another line.


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