Monday, June 18, 2007

Could I be more stoked?!?

Yeah you heard me, I said stoked you gotta problem with that?

I dragged my butt in the front door today hating Monday's and dreading that I have four more work days until the weekend, only to find a big box from Australia waiting for me. Guess what it was... yup my scarf from my upstream ISE4 pal! Not only was there one of the most gorgeous lace scarves inside but a bunch of yummy goodies as well. I can't properly express through blogdom how excited I am but the feeling of Christmas morning hopefully sums it up. The whole time I was going "oh I wanted to try that" "ooh, I heard they were good".....

First is the most impressive scarf/wrap which puts my first attempt at lace to shame. The details are amazing all around and throughout the scarf and it's in a beautiful navy which reflects the light perfectly (don't listen to them Pamela when they say dull white is the only way to do lace). Besides the main attraction, there was also:
Lindt chocolate (my all time favorite brand)
Tim Tam's which I've heard so much about on the swapping scene(they're 100% correct, they are the most irresistible chocolate biscuits)
Two Yarn magazines - one from the future since it's the "Autumn 2007" version (it's just about to turn into summer right now in the states)
and to top it all off, two skeins of recycled silk sari yarn which I've been dying to touch and try!

Could it get any better?!? Seriously, Pamela you have renewed my faith in swapping! I have had some very bad luck lately which included a pal who received multiple packages but never acknowledge my gifts, as well as a swapper who made plans to do an even international exchange, received my package then never heard from again (I chocked that one up to her being 16). Anyway, I have both a wonderful downstream pal who's been gracious and kind - especially given that my package paled in comparison to some out there- as well as a great gifter. My faith is renewed, if not in all swaps at least for the next International Scarf Exchange where I will be more daring and maybe attempt a wrap or shall ;-)

Oh and by the way Pamela, I love the deep colors of both the shawl and the yarn so very much - us lefties have impeccable taste, no?

Thorns on roses tend to stick to lace, who knew?

These capture the color a little better but no picture does it justice. I can't believe she parted with it!


At 6/18/2007 9:55 PM, Blogger Leah said...

Wow, is that gorgeous!!! What a nice package, too. I am so glad your swap went well this time--your tales of swaps gone wrong were just awful! You definitely deserve this lovely lace after those bad experiences...

At 6/18/2007 10:33 PM, Blogger Lara said...

I saw Pamela knit that scarf, and I wondered who her lucky pal would be. It is indeed a gorgeous yarn, beautiful pattern, and perfect execution.

Enjoy your tim tams!

At 6/19/2007 1:05 PM, Blogger sko_G knits said...

wow. that IS beyoootiful! ugh, now i am scared again to start my first lace project....

At 6/19/2007 4:33 PM, Blogger EK said...

That is very beautiful. Lucky you with the scarf and the biscuits (I almost wrote cookies there, but there is a difference I´ve learned). Glad to see you got some traveling in as well.

At 6/20/2007 8:38 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Yay! You got your scarf! : ). I'm so glad that you got a great package in this exchange. If you decide to do a big vacation next year, make it to Oz - you'll definitely have accommodation in Wagga, at least!

At 6/23/2007 8:01 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Philip and I lived in Los Angeles from 2000-2003 and again in 2005 before we moved to Wagga (he *finally* got his first lecturing position - up to then he'd been doing a series of postdocs). When we told our friends where we were headed they fell over laughing and walked around saying "Waggawaggawaggawagga". It was like being on a Marx brothers' movie set and Groucho going manic! V. funny. In the local indigenous language, it means a place of many crows; lots of the street art in the main street has a crow in it too : )


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