Sunday, June 17, 2007


Finally catching up on all the vacation happenings. First I went on a cruise with my father's side of the family courtesy of grandma to Bermuda (same cruise and even the same week as Chris's destination wedding last year!).

Then I came home for a week, went to work, did some laundry and re-packed.

Then I was off to Cancun with the girls! It was just by chance that they ended up being so close to one another but again, it mimics last year when I went on the cruise and to Ireland within a month of one another. Next year I will give myself at least 4 months in between vacations because this is just silly!

Now on to the pictures.....

Bro & me on deck (Luke, Luke is bro)
First coming into port
FUD! just one of the yummy food stuff's they force fed us - alright, so maybe we weren't exactly forced...
The whole fam damnly - grandma, folks, cousins, aunt & uncle, brother, waiter....
More pretty houses as we leave


    Players include Natty & her twin sister Vicky who planned this shin-dig in honor of their 30th birthdays. JJ (BFF) and I are of course along for the ride - - and the all inclusive food and drinks. Did you hear me? Even the drinks, at the swim up bar mind you, were included in the cost! We wanted for nothing!

    Vicky, me & JJ on the plane

    The view from our balcony (JJ & I got upgraded to a suite with a balcony!!!)

    Scottish pirates in Cancun?!? OK, they were Scottish boys in Cancun who happened to go to a pirate show but they were fun just the same and even sang to us as we took pics!

    All the ladies out on the town. Can you tell we're all a tad hot?

    Stormy skies - big winds and downpours but it didn't last too long and it didn't hinder the drinking!

    We did do the tourist bar hopping thing one night - in the 3rd or 4th bar, they had swings at the bar. Happy ladies we were! (Me, Nat & Vic)

    I took HUNDREDS of pictures in both locations so if for some reason you're interested in seeing more feel free to check out my Flickr page, soon I'll have them up there.
    Surprisingly, not much knitting got done. Who woulda thunk it? Although mad props go out to both the US and Mexican authorities who allowed me to fly with my needles no questions asked. I'll give up my bottle of water any day to bring my needles!


    At 6/20/2007 6:04 AM, Blogger Jana said...

    I like the swings at the bar thing, but I can see how that would be vomit-inducing also I guess... Looks like 2 super fun vacations!


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