Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Mokeys were hurt in the making of this post

Today is April 1st - I am SOOOOOOO behind!!!

Let's play a real quick round of the photo catch-up game...

Working on a sweater. The sleeves are coming out way too wide so they'll be frogged and re-knit once a the gift knitting gets done. Other than the sleeves being big enough to fight around my thigh, I really like this sweater and yarn. (more details to come.)

I'm making another Condom Critter for my soon-to-be cousin-in-law...

...out of yarn purchased at the closing sale of a LYS. I got a couple other little things - button, row counter and boots!

Yes, I totally bought clear boots so everyone can see my Monkeys!

The silliest thing about these boots (besides how they look) when the sun hits my foot it's instantly warm - I find that refreshing. We'll see how I feel when they're baking in plastic but for now they're my kitschy little treat.

Oh, I also ordered myself one of the last copies in America apparently of a Jo Sharp book I had my eye on and the store included a little free gift.

How cute is that? It's a yarn themed nail file! (

Oh, Mom gave me this for no reason other than it had yarn on the cover next to the 20% off tag - it's really cute so far. And guess what? There's a lot of knitting in it!

And last but surely not least, I went to see Eddie Izzard when he was in New York! And yes, I'm seeing him again in the "real" show in June.

It was a super windy night so I never got a chance to get a group shot with everyone but that's my friend, brother, friend and the two smiling folks behind us are new friends who bought some of our extra tickets through Ravelry. Yarn AND Eddie lovers - you just know they're good people! (Well the hubby may not love the yarn but he quotes Eddie so it all evens out).

There was a big guy head in front of me so the pictures aren't great but whatever, I love that man!

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