Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fugley little critter!

Amy's Condom Critter is Done! I already have a few goodies for it including a light-up penis lolli-pop, some candy rings which I won't get into explaining, "Dick-Tacs" (penis shaped tic-tacs) and a bride-to-be button. I need a couple more little items for the critters front pouch but otherwise she's all set. I think I'll add a little tag explaining what exactly it is and maybe some hair since I think it looked cute on the proto-type. Otherwise, tis done and I love her!

Below are pictures of the building of the critter-
I gotta say, I love the big eyelashes more than any other feature, I just hope they stay on.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monkey monday and those dancey people again

The Monkey Socks are done and in record time (for me)! They're really snuggly buggly, I think I really like this sock knitting thing. JJ (one of the party people see below) was asking me about this fascination with hand knit socks after she saw pictures of my socks while going through the camera 9she also reads this blog - hi JJ!). I've often wondered to myself how I could spend $20 on yarn, hours upon hours working, ripping and re-working a pattern only to end up with a simple pair of socks that I could have purchased for less than 5 dollars. But when I have these anti-knitting thoughts I quickly dismiss them, pick up another hank of yarn, fondle it and go on about my merry way. Trying to explain the joy of knitting, especially sock knitting, to a non-sock lover, well that's just damn near impossible! Ahh well, just one of life's little mysteries, some will get it and some won't I suppose.

And on to the party.....

It was Nikki's (pink tank top) 30th birthday this weekend so her mom threw a birthday BBQ for her. There were a few beer runs, some singing along and a lot of laughing. All in all, good times!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monkey's, tripods and flowers oh my!

So I finally cast on for a second try at the Monkey Socks. Because I was having a hard time frogging the rest of the purple sock I decided to just start with a new color and work from there. So here's a comparison of one moving forward while one is taking a step back so to speak (really I didn't intend the pun but frig it, it stays!)

One down and one to go. And for the first time ever I think I'm gonna conqure my terrible second sock syndrome!

I also finally bought myself a tripod so I played with it for a few minutes this weekend taking suspicious pictures of my socks in the yard. What the neighbors must think! I decided to move on to flowers since photographing them seemed less shady to those spying on me.

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