Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy, Busy Week!

First off, I treated myself to a GPS device. Tom-Tom is my new friend-friend. I love-love this thing-thing (ok, I'll stop-stop).
Being that I'm often driving without a navigator, I keep missing my exists and turns because I can't read my directions and the street signs fast enough, causing me to have to make an endless amount of u-turns to get back on track. I knew I was going to be driving quite a lot this weekend to get to a friends wedding up north so I splurged on this bad boy to keep me company and on the right path. I have to say, one of my best investments to date! Granted, I'm a bit of an electronics whore so any new gadget is going to push my buttons so to speak. (I'm sick, bad puns come out when I'm battling a fever.)
And here's the pretty bride and her new hubby. Big, fat congratulations go out to Amy and Matty once again!
Everything was amazing -the bride was beautiful, the weather perfect, food delicious, dancing plentiful and the company divine. Aside from that being the day I first got this terrible chest cold, you really couldn't have asked for a better day.

In the meantime, I began two knitted items. I'm calling these my fall socks (the colors and it being September ya know?). I figured I gotta make a dent in my 2006 Stitches stash since the next one is coming up in just a few short weeks and I need to have a reason to need more yarn.
Plus, I'm working on a birthday present for my BFF/blog-stalker JJ who, although knows what she's getting, isn't going to see them until her birthday. They're on Ravelry if you're really curious - Ha, ha non-knitter you can't see 'em :-)

Last but not least, I got a great note from my former downstream ISE4 pal Kate who was kind enough to send me pictures of her new beautiful baby Matilda enjoying the socks I made for her from mom's left-over scarf yarn. Here's Mum & Tilly getting "dunked"! (Well, Tilly is, Mum needs no more dunkin' I'm sure)

Look, "Baby Birks" in use! How cute are those tootsies?!?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eee gads I almost forgot!

Big thanks to Jana for passing on the rocking' girl blogger love! And in return I pass it on to the rest of my knitting posse Chris & Erin who may not blog often but rock their needles just the same! As well as Susan of Farm Girl Fare who's not a knitter but a Rockin' Blogger/Farmer

Thanks again Jana, if I could I'd give you the button right back because you really rock my blog world baby!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh you stinkers!

With your pretty new needles! Geez, I did want to try the 6 inch double points so maybe...... nooooooo, no more needles..... unless I really, really, really need them (which somehow I think I will).

On the knitting front, the Condom Critter seemed to be a big hit at the bachlorette party however the pictures I can post are limited since it was a grown up party and there's no need to embarrass anyone on the web :-)

I also finished two hats for Afghans for Afghans and hope to get a few more done before the October mail in deadline. I'm putting the sweater I was going to make on the back-burner so I can start someones b-day present. And I think I'll start yet another pair of socks so I can use up some more stash to justify hitting the Socks That Sock booth at Stitches! While I'm sad summer's over because I didn't get to the beach as much as I'd have liked to, I do look forward to all the fall knitting. Tis the seasons for sticks and string!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


A couple of weekends ago I headed in to NYC with some friends to see Absinthe (the show, not the little green fairy) a sexy, campy, burlesque, acrobatics show and it was AMAZING! Everyone sat with their mouths agape as the performers spun, climbed, roller-skated and danced around and above us. The venue was small but the entertainment was huge, only made better by the fact the there was no line at the bar. Four martini's later and I was ready to volunteer to swing by my neck over the crowd too!

The show was at South Street Seaport (haven't been there since I was a kid) with a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge as we walked in. The actual show took place inside a circus tent but there were bleachers (including pillows), chairs and hammocks to lounge on outside of the tent before and after the show. Afterwards we even snagged our own mini-tent for the 20 people our group turned out to be. Of course we couldn't take pictures inside, but you can see below that it was a grand time!

Where do we go?

In here ya think?

Seriously, this was a show worth seeing and I would go back any time. It brought back that warm feeling after seeing De La Guardia - I think I like acrobatics a tad come to think of it. Cirque Du Soleil here I come!

And yes, some more socks are done! YAY for stash busting!!!

More knitting news on its way soon........

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