Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Awakening

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yeah those be my bitches hangin' at Stitches

Last weekend was Stitches East in Baltimore. It was the first time the whole group was able to go together and we had a grand time.

Not only was there much yarn yumminess to drool over and bring home, but we spent a good half hour or so playing with the sleep number bed in the hotel when we got back. Inside we're all 8 year olds, it can't be avoided.
Around 100....
around 25 - I'm melting, melting.....
To top off an already perfect day, we went to the Cheesecake Factory which was fanfriggintastic! Chris and I had never been so Jana and Erin took special joy in initiating us to the club. Here's how to tell you're with cool people... the hostess says it'll be an hour and a half wait (meanwhile we're already starving) and everyone turns to each other and shrugs "yeah, ok", knowing that we can amuse ourselves at the bar until we're called. Mmmm, and boy did we enjoy our drinks :-)
The cheesecake came back to the room. Can you believe 4 women couldn't finish 2 slices of cheesecake? That's how much food we got for diner. Oh the Golden Girls would be so disappointed in us!

Stash I brought home - it just jumped in my bag I swear!

Tomorrow we're off to Rhinebeck for more yarn shopping! At this rate we'll be able to open our own store in no time.

And my "Fall Feet" socks are done! So see, it was ok to buy more sock yarn because... um because... because it's pretty ok, back off!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oy, am I behind!

Let's see, let me catch up so that the next time I post it will be Stitches, Stitches and more Stitches! Yes, tomorrow morning we leave on our fiber pilgrimage to Mecca. Then, the weekend after that it's off to Rhinebeck NY for us to the sheep & wool festival! It's all too much for my little brain to handle :-)

On to pictures...
the first fall sock is done and I'm half way through the second one. The secret glove is on hold for a moment while I figure out how to transition into the hand.

Adam had a birthday recently so we went over and he cooked us dinner (?!?) --- ok but we brought the cake and board games so that's something... yeah, I don't know either. It was a good time that's all that matters.

Last weekend the knitting group went apple and pumpkin picking, you know, cause it's fall, or so we thought. It was friggin' HOT (almost 90 degrees) and there was no shade in sight. However we made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves just the same.

Even the sunflowers can't take it!

Jana & Erin find some apples worth picking, and Chris is good enough to climb the tree for Erin to get her just the right one!

Come on guys - like I said, it's really hot and pumpkins are heavy (Chris is such a good sport).
Oh but then there's gourds and they're always fun

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