Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am thankful for far too many things to be able to list them all here. Let me sum it up by saying I am thankful for everything. Every friend, loved one, breath I take, body part that works without pain or strain, yummy foods, cozy home, good books, soft yarn (of course), music, bubble baths and a million billion other things that I really try not to take for granted. Shoot, I'm even thankful for Tivo so I can not only catch the parade today (sans commercials) but also the cheerleading competition which used to be a favorite Thanksgiving tradition of mine to watch -- they now show it a week later and I always end up missing it.

Today is an exceptionally, and unusually warm late November day so I took a quick stroll around the yard to get some pics of the leaves. Last week was when they were at their peak but I think you still get the idea...

Yes, the ivy is eating the back of the garage. Believe it or not, if you're inside the garage you'll find that some of it managed to break through the window and is now vining around our junk in there. It's like watching the blob take over!

Just one of a million......

Things are STILL blooming!

Oh, and Mom's homemade pecan pie, just one more thing to be thankful for!

Last but not least, today's my birthday so I'm thankful not only for having another happy & healthy one but for the cinnamon buns I got for breakfast as I do every year. (Good gawd I love them!!!)

Yes, it says "congratulations", apparently the Happy Birthday sign went missing :-) Happy Thanksgiving once again to each and every one of you!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rhinebeck Finally!

Ahhh, I'm so very behind!!! OK, the knitting group went to Rhinebeck the weekend after we went to Stitches. We're hard core, I know. It was exactly as I expected except one thing, I thought (and I'm not alone in this) that they were really lacking a good selcetion of yarn. However, if you came for fleece, roving, heavy hand spun wool etc. this is your heaven. While it wasn't the shopping spree we were hoping for we had a great time checking out all the animal's and foodstuff's and really, we didn't need anymore yarn after Stitches.

I'll keep the descriptions short since the pics are really what we all live for...

Sea of cars - it was like Great Adventure's parking lot, I would never have thought there would be that many people there.

There were itchy baby goateses

with cute little noses poking out at you

and ying & yang sheep...

...who appear to be smiling at you because they know they just started peeing right when you clicked the camera

It's ok, I love you guys anyway

There was also sheep beauty contests

and sheep hearding contests

and alpaca's that were aparently cross-breed with cows

and proud alpaca's with funny toofuses

petable angora bunnies

so much fleece everywhere you looked

and crazy silly hats (she was making one while sitting there - no, none of what you see is her actual hair)

Oh! And then we radomly bumped in to Emily, the one who first started out knitting group. She ran off to live in NY with her new hubby and we never get to knit with her any more but leave it to the power of fiber to draw old friends together!

so many people

including the Yarn Harlot and her friends (her back is to us - great sweater eh?)

We had Spacey Tracy's fried pickles (I know, weird right?). Of course I couldn't help but get a picture in front of the sign since they spelled my name right. We also had fried artichoke hearts but they were in our bellies before a picture could be had.

then of course we had a fantabulous dinner and dessert (and drinks)

and then we were off to the Ravelry party! Stupidly, this is the only picture I got :-(

Once again, a great field trip with the girls!

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