Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh yeah!

I treated myself to lace blocking wires which I got on ebay for about 5 bucks less than anywhere else and the mailing tube doubles as a storage container so whoopee for me! Gotta say, while the wires aren't magic, they are as close as you're gonna get. Waaaaaaaaayyyyyy easier than just pinning. way.
I splurged on them because I was knitting lace for my ISE4 pal who's scarf broke my wires cherry (potty mouth Tracy, potty mouth). I also bought some super yummy green lace yarn at Stitches East, as well as some cashmere yarn at School Products when I went on the city excursion to the knitting and lace show with my knitting gal pals. There's a lot I plan to use these bad boys for and I figured I could put off buying them and 2 or 3 projects in, cave and curse myself for not buying them sooner, or I could just save myself the grief for once and jump straight to the end result and buy the damn things!
Wires in use - well I haven't pinned it down yet but you can already see how great they work.

I likey this scarf for me. I think I see one in my future ;-)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

No really, there has been knitting

While I do have some flowers making their way back into the garden, this post is about the knitting finally :-)

First, a friend of mine is getting married in September so how could I resist making her the Condom Critter for her upcoming bachelorette party? I couldn't help it, I just had to have this book!

I haven't had a chance to attach the face and feet yet but I think she's pretty cute just the same. I plan to make a couple more of these babies because it was so quick and easy. Well, it was quick, not necessarily easy.
The directions for putting it together really left something to be desired, I could have used straight size 5's for most of it instead of putting point protectors on the ends of double pointed needles and really the whole thing could have been knit on circulars much more easily which would have greatly reduced the seaming. I know, I know, I sound so negative! It really wasn't all that bad, I think I'll just make a few adjustments when I make the next critter. Also, I made this one much smaller than I had expected because I didn't hold two strands together like it called for so I may take their advice on that next time.

I also started the Chevron Scarf because when I see a band wagon I can't resist jumping on it! I got this altered version from - - - shoot! I can't find which blog I snatched this from. I promise to find it and add the link so you too can steal the adjusted pattern and I can give props to whomever made the scarf a tad wider. (I'm so sorry)
Anyway, this is her and I'm loving it! I had originally planned to use some of the Socks That Rock that I treated myself to for my three month, no smoking anniversary, but then realized that I would have far too much left over from each of two different skeins so I caved and treated myself to two little skeins of Koigu which I've been coveting for soooo very long. The yarn not the colors. While I love the colors I picked they are not necessarily (well the light one anyway) be what I would normally pick. There was so much to chose from in the store and I knew I wanted two that really clashed which made it hard to pick because your mind automatically wants to pair things accordingly. Even though I went with one very light and one very dark shade I can still see how they match. Next time I'll be really brave and go for two shades that seem awful together ;-)

PS: I got my Stitches brochure the other day. Yay, I can't wait!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


It's May 18th and I haven't posted since April?!?!?

OK I promise that within the next 48 hours I will post a picture of the progress I'm making on my Chevron scarf and maybe some other miscellaneous fun too. I'm sorry I'm so bad (I'm apologizing to myself too. I meant to use the blog as a sort of journal for myself).

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