Friday, May 26, 2006

See you in a week!

Well I'm off to Bermuda tomorrow for Chris & Joe's destination wedding - we'll be cruisin' to their wedding on the beach, how cool is that?!?

And just in time, I got new sock yarn to take with me, although something tells me there'll be more drinking than knitting with this crowd. I'm ok with that ;-)

See you all when I get back!
(And yes, there will be pictures this time. Eventually I plan to get those Ireland ones up here too!)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Oops, how have I not blogged?

So sorry to be gone for so long, that's not like me. Well let me catch you up... I finished my socks the other day! #2 went waaay faster and with waaay fewer glitches than #1, see?
I messed up the toe and of course didn't even really look at it until I had already bound-off, but I know where I went wrong so I don't feel defeated, I just wasn't paying attention.
I just cast on my next pair and have faith in my abilities to do a much better job of following the pattern the way it was intended this time!

Besides my socks what am I doing? Blowing my nose every three minutes and coughing my brains out of course! Why might you ask is it an "of course"? Because I'm going on vacation on Saturday and I am ALWAYS sick for vacation! Plus, I have a lot of stuff to do and no time to rest. I was actually going to make this a much longer post but now that I think about it, all I want to do is blow my nose (again), swig some cough syrup and pass-out.

I'll be back tomorrow if the antibiotics start doing their job! (I got med's on Saturday and have felt progressively worse since then!)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today, I spent a large part of the day playing in the garden. Well, not playing so much as busting my hump ripping out all of the stuff I let become an over-grown mess, fighting off the prickly bushes and trying not to get spiders on me. Something little bite me but the stinging has stopped so I'm happy again.
I am afraid for my body however because already my back is quite sore. Oh well, it's that satisfying pain, that let's you know you accomplished something.
Bleeding Hearts

All the dirt from last years potted plants, you must recycle, you must!

My backyard sans snow - it's like a forest!

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